Our hand picked list of top Strip Agencies period!

If you are anything like we are, than you like to get straight to the point BAM! With hundreds of option to choose from and many strip agencies the waters can get pretty murky very fast. This is where we come in! We focus on all of the party events including bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, party dancers, exotic dancers, the list goes on. I mean is there really any reason to not want a stripper at a party? That was a rhetorical question because we both know the answer to that. I hired a couple male strippers to make sure my grandmother had a blast on her 80th birthday and I can tell you this, she still thanks me every time I see her. So relax, grab a beer and enjoy our reviews as these are:


Reno Strippers

While most agencies have dancers and decent prices, Reno Strippers has the best dancers and pricing. You really cannot go wrong hiring this agency to make sure your party/event is a hit. They will give you one memorable evening that you wont soon forget.

Hot Lake Tahoe Strippers

Hot Lake Tahoe Strippers really did pick a good name that describes their business. They have the hottest striptease dancers in the Tahoe area including California and Nevada area’s. Once your dancers arrive you really get the feeling that they know what they are doing. They pay attention to detail and make sure your party/event is the best one you will ever have. Don’t take my word for it, give them a call by visiting their website today and you wont be disappointed.

Sacramento Strippers


I think back to the last time I had a blast during an exotic dancer / strip party and one agency stands in my mind. Sacramento Strippers .net. Their dancers were really top shelf and new exactly how to bring the fun. This was during a bachelor party for one of my good friends no less and I can tell you we all had a fantastic time that night.

I really enjoyed that agency so much I told my cousin to use them for her sisters bachelorette party. I wasn’t there so I will have to take her word for it, but my cousin told me her friends had a wild night. They kept talking about some of the guys costumes like a cowboy and a construction worker and how fun it was.

Of course there are plenty of reasons to have a stripper party like

  • Birthday Parties
  • Frat Parties
  • Sorority Parties
  • Graduation
  • Retirement
  • Going Away
  • Divorce Parties

just to name a few. I mean really now, I will throw down a strip party for just about any reason. 1st day on a new job? Time to celebrate, call Sacramento Strippers right now and get this party started.

xinjizhaolong image

With excellent pricing on just about any type of entertainment you want, you cant go wrong with Sacramento Strippers.net. They have excellent communication with their dancers and god forbid a traffic occurs during their drive to your party, the dancers or the agency will contact you right away and keep you notified on an accurate estimated time of arrival. This agency makes sure to keep you in the loop and they are very professional about their business, and they do their business well. Especially when their business is to entertain you and your guests during your party / event.

When you want to throw a great party or celebrate a special occasion you need to contact SacramentoStrippers.net.

West Coast Centerfolds

West Coast Centerfolds

If you are looking for the hottest action this side of California then you need to call West Coast Centerfolds. They service all of norther California up through Nevada and they know how to get the party started right. Don’t take my word for it, their reviews speak volumes for the level of service you can expect to get with this great agency. Need some more skin to help you make that decision? You should have asked soon the first thing I did when I checked out their website was go right to their talented dancers profiles pages. You can browse all the Male Strippers and Female Strippers you want and spend some quality time getting to know each one right here. Don’t worry no one cares just how long you spend looking at each profile picture, they really do enjoy posing for your viewing pleasure and it lets them know they still got it.

When I call an agency I like to make sure I am getting the best deal possible but I don’t want it to come with a price, sometimes you cant get good prices and good dancers at the same time. That’s not the case with West Coast Centerfolds, they make sure their prices are always competitive and their talent (Male & Female) are hot specimens of beauty, these people are usually models and fitness experts.

You really get the feeling that they live and breath the physical form of beauty.

What does all of this mean for you? It means that you can feel confident giving West Coast Centerfold a call for your next party and know that your party is going to be a huge success. Make sure when you are in charge of hiring the entertainers for that next party you call a reputable agency like West Coast Centerfolds who can get the party started right!


Hottest Strippers in San Francisco

Hottest Strippers in San Francisco

Hottest Strippers in San Francisco

When you are visiting San Francisco as I often do you can do all of the normal touristy stuff like walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, ride a cable car, visit Alcatraz, see the sea lions, shop Union Square or China Town, or you can actually do something exciting.

If you are in charge of any party events like bachelor / bachelorette, work party, guys / girls night out, or any other reason to party; then you need to check out San Francisco Strippers. This is world class entertainment at its finest. Don’t take my word for it check out their Male Exotic Dancers and their Female Exotic Dancers right here. If that’s not some seriously sexy skin then you my friend have some crazy fetish that I don’t want to know anything about haha.

This agency will bring the party to you, your hotel room, your entertainment venue, your home, it doesn’t really matter. They seriously know how to bring the fun. Just ask these ladies right here! Bam!

Girls-PartyWe don’t really need a reason to party, I mean you know how the obvious bachelor / bachelorette part scenario goes down, but my crew finds any reason to party and we know who to call.  You got a boy that just got a new job? Bam, party time, call the strippers over and get this party stated. Your grandma just turned 97? Send a couple exotic dancers over and surprise her ass, trust me you just made the top of her “favorite grandchild” list. BAM! Just like that, you don’t really need a reason to party, you just some friends and a reason to celebrate, enjoy life, its natural. And I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like to see some well trained professional exotic dancers shaking that ass for you and your friends.

To conclude my review, call San Francisco Strippers if you are in the bay area and like to party. They have awesome prices, sexy dancers and they know how to party. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you got some value out of my review and we have more on the way soon.